Our Story

If there’s a baby on the way, we can guarantee that at Rococo Bebe, you’ll find high quality baby furniture that you will be proud to show off in your home. Whether you’re a new parent, expecting again or shopping for a baby shower gift, our extensive range will allow you to prepare for your new arrival. From bespoke cots and bassinets to change tables, furniture and more, our selection has the essentials that every parent needs for their newborn.
Founded by Mariam in 2021, Rococo Bebe was born out of a passion for unique, high-end nursery furniture. Prior to Rococo, Mariam worked in furniture sales for 5 years and noticed a high demand for nursery furniture. 
While many Australian major retailers sell nursery furniture, Mariam noticed that while functional, the style and elegance of the designs were not unique. That’s when she decided to source luxury baby furniture that looked the part in a home to transform nurseries into feature spaces, rather than simply existing for functional reasons. Mariam’s vision for Rococo Bebe was to create stunning nurseries where a child could grow up and the furniture would hold its value. For new parents, the nursery should be a space where you can enjoy time spent with your newborn and savour those ‘firsts’. Therefore our main priority is to provide you with premium quality nursery furniture that will give the space a unique touch. 
Rococo Bebe sources beautifully crafted nursery furniture from across the world and is now the only direct distributor of U.K. based, Bambizi in Australia. No other baby furniture supplier in Australia matches the standard and quality of the pieces stocked by Rococo Bebe. You’ll find on trend, boutique baby furniture designs that will last for years to come. 
Why Rococo
No other baby furniture supplier in Australia rivals our designs. Don’t settle for anything less than the very best for your new bundle of joy. Our philosophy is that the style and elegance of your baby furniture should match functionality. That’s why we provide high-end, quality baby furniture that is guaranteed to add an extra dimension of elegance to any nursery.
Rococobebe xx